crDroid v6.10 OFFICIAL Android 10 Ginkgo 20200915 Build

crDroid v6.10 OFFICIAL Android 10 Ginkgo 20200915 Build

Updated: 15/09/2020
By @mg712702

crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today

Flashing Instructions


Magisk 20.3 or newer for root (after first boot)

First time installation:

Do a full wipe(system, data, internal,cache,dalvik)
Flash crDroid Package
Flash Gapps(optional)
Flash Magisk(optional)
Reboot & Enjoy (format data if stuck on Redmi logo)

Update installation:

Wipe Dalvik and cache
Flash crDroid update
Reboot & Enjoy

Changelog 20200915:

• Merged tag android-10.0.0_r46
• September 2020 Security Patch
• Updated Kernel to 4.14.198
• Added XiaomiParts
• MI sound FX
• KCAL color control (for Fix Burn in/Screen Retention/Shadow)
• Clear speaker
• Vibration control
• Switched to QTI power hal
• Switched to CAF NFC stack
• Fixed GCam DSP-accelerated HDR processing
• Boosted audio output
• Fixed fingerprints are lost after switching to user
• Fixed bad position of statusbar icons
• Updated all blobs
• crDroid Source Upstream
• Much more fixes & improvements


• New Xiaomi Parts screenshot Here
• This is the FINAL A10 release...
• Clean flash recommend

Support Group
crDroid | Redmi Note 8/ 8T | OFFICIAL


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