Rom PixelExtended OFFICIAL Android 10 Ginkgo By hung2408

Rom PixelExtended OFFICIAL Android 10 Ginkgo By hung2408

By :- @hung2408
Android version - 10
GApps included

Quick FYI

  • PE dan CherishOS dikelola oleh orang yang sama yakni @hung2408.
  • Memiliki 1 grup support di Telegram bersama CherishOS.
  • Unified, dapat diintal juga pada perangkat Redmi Note 8T (Willow).
  • Terdapat kostumisasi LiveDisplay, pengaturan RGB layar sangat berguna untuk fix masalah burn in, screen retention, atau shadow layar (set rgb 80% - 90%).


• Add App locker
• Add KCAL color control ( thanks @mg712702 )
• Fixed bootanimation theming (Now dark mode sets dark bootanimation correctly)
• updated blobs from miui 20.9.16
• reduced cpu usage during audio playback
• fixed minor issues with fp
• merged upstream linux 4.14.198 
• reduced scheduler latency
• fixed power button issue for some users
• fixed potential random reboots while using 4g
• blocked qupuart wakelock when BT connected

• Switched @ghostrider_reborn trees
• Upstreamed kernel to 4.14.197
• Updated blobs from MIUI China 20.9.3
• Update fingerprint from Coral's Sept release
• Fixed DSP HDR++ processing
• Switched to prebuilt audio hal
• Updated Dirac blobs
• Fixed WFD
• Fixed screen recoder lags
• Return dropped KCAL limit on tianma
• Changed corner content padding to 12dp
• Use ov8856 chromatix libs from stock pie (credits to Aryaman895)
• Other fixes and improvements

Note: Clean flash recommended (again ;_;)


1. WFD (Wi-Fi display/screen cast) ( Fixed )
2. EIS (Video stabilization) ( Fixed )

Support Group

CherishOS | PixelExtended || Redmi Note 8/8T
CherishOS | PixelExtended OFFICIAL
Maintainer : KhuongHung ( @hung2408 )

Download PixelExtended OFFICIAL Redmi Note 8

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