Update ResurrectionRemix ROM RR v.5.7.1 Changelog and Download Redmi 2 / wt88047

Update ResurrectionRemix ROM RR v.5.7.1 Changelog and Download Redmi 2 / wt88047

Rilis! Update RR Rom ResurrectionRemix v.5.7.1 20160730 Redmi 2, setelah kurang lebih 2 bulan memakai rom rr hingga saat artikel ini ditulis belum ada rom yang bisa menggeser keistimewaan rom rr di device redmi 2 CatatanDroid, di bekali dengan seabrek fitur, smooth system, tidak pernah bertemu dengan masalah hot battery, dan satu-satunya rom yang dapat mengatasi kerusakan port headset (icon headset tidak hilang) yang kerap kali menimpa pengguna yang memakai speaker aktif sehingga penggunaan mic+speaker harus menggunakan headset/earphone.

Changelog ResurrectionRemix v.5.7.1
# ResurrectionRemix - v5.7.1 - Android 6.0.1_r52
Android 6.0.1_r46->6.0.1_r52
- FWB: Add RR logo to QS panel
- FWB: QS shade stroke dash
- FWB: VolumeDialog stroke dash
- SystemServer: Do not start Atlas Service on lowram devices.
- SysUI:Do Not RecreateStatusBar on Show3g and 4G
- SysUI:Fix Show 3G and 4G Switch Not updating Icons
- wifi: Enable WiFi IpReachabilityMonitor by default
- SysUI: Disable Volume & QS Strokes by Default
- FWB: QS shade stroke
- FWB: VolumeDialog corner radius
- FWB: VolumeDialog stroke settings
- Configurable Header Text Shadow
- SystemUI: Remove Duplicate NFC perm
- Update QS panel resources to fix padding issues
- base: remove unneded top margin in QS tuner
- SysUI: Fix Reported FC
- SysUI:SysUI: Clean up objects when recreating statusbar
- Fix NPE in DocumentsUI when rotate UI before format as internal
- Revert "Only show keyguard panel if on lockscreen + no activity on top"
- SysUI: Make Dark Icon Mode Optional Along With New SB gradient
- FWB: QSStroke: Don't apply any effect when disabled
- Keyguard: Don't circular reveal a non-visible view
- Avoid NPE in printspooler when changing language
- FWB: Volume Dialog: Force expanded mode
- FWB: Volume dialog timeout
- SystemConfig: allow app-link to be set to any possible state
- am: clear protected apps from recents
- media:Modify the display of system default ringtone when it is none.

- SystemUI: Fix pie translations FC
- SystemUI: Restrict persistent USB drive notifications to USB disks
- BT: Set persiste Bluetooth State during enable timeout case
- Add absent sim info to locked screen text
- Encapsulate the unbindService with try catch block
- Bluetooth: Access mediaplayerlist in synchronized way
- WifiDisplayController: Fix p2p disconnect before rtsp teardown completes=
- Wifi: Make maximum selective channel scans and interval configurable
- combo bug when location reported by providers do not come with extras
- Ignore IMS type APN when notify data connection
- MSIM: Restrict data activity change to listeners with matching subId
- Add config to show HD icon on EVS codec.
- Remove use of '_' variable name
- Revert "Revert "Only show keyguard panel if on lockscreen + no activi…
- Adjust padding between battery icon and text
- NotificationPanelView: Make Qs Background More Consistent
- KeyguardSecurityViewFlipper : Fix sim unlock height overlap
- Disable proximity check on power key properly
- fw: GlobalActions: Always dismiss any existing dialog
- Settings:Telephony(MSIM): Fix ANR on SIM deactivation
- Settings:Fix to enable data for non-dds sub.
- Settings:IMS: Set Wifi calling preference to Wifi preferred by default
- Settings:Wi-Fi: Do not display the not scanned saved networks forever
- Settings:Don't start auto scan if screen recovers from frozen state
- Settings:Fix mcc-mnc population issue in apn editor
- Settings:Update OperatorInfo in Simstatus settings for correct subid
- Settings:Grey out PIN1 enable/disable option when SUB is not ready
- Settings:Bluetooth : Handle SQL memory situation during OPP.
- Apply active profile if user enables system profiles
- LLS: Allow default enabled events to be overlaid
- Themes: Provide 100% test coverage for themes
- Themes: Fix ThemeManagerTest
- Themes: Fix applying default theme
- Translation Updates
- All updates from CM

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