Kinemaster Aplikasi Edit Video Para Youtuber

Kinemaster Aplikasi Edit Video Para Youtuber

Kinemaster merupakan salah satu aplikasi pengedit video yang sangat popular pada perangkat android, yap! apalagi bagi para youtuber mobile yang memang hanya menggunakan ponsel Android sebagai satu-satunya alat dan senjata untuk editing video.

Kinemaster lahir sejak Desember 2013 dan sampai bulan Februari 2019 sudah mencapai 120 juta kali download.

Download Kinemaster PRO Apk Aplikasi Edit Video Popular Youtuber Mobile
Kinemaster Video Editor

Fitur-fitur Kinemaster PRO

Intuitive Editing
Video clips and layers can be trimmed and split exactly where you want. Audio clip timing can be adjusted with sub-frame accuracy.

Instant Preview
No waiting to see how your final video will look. Watch your edits in action as soon as you make them.

Multi-Track Audio
KineMaster puts you in the studio mixing booth! Play 8 or more (depending on your device) audio tracks simultaneously!

Multiple Layers
KineMaster supports unlimited text, image, handwriting and overlay layers, as well as up to ten video layers (on supported devices). Layer position and timing can be easily adjusted, and layers can be animated using preset animation effects or with keyframe animation.

Blending Modes
Transform your videos into works of art with blending tools. Use them to knock out black or white backgrounds, create double-exposures, and create your own custom color filters!

Speed Control
Adjust the speed of your video from 0.25x up to 16x without pitch distortion, for the ultimate in slow- and time lapse effects.

Pro Audio Features
Extract and edit audio tracks separately from your video. Adjust the volume envelope, control stereo channels, apply ducking to audio tracks, or turn on auto-volume with KineMaster's robust audio tools. Multiple audio formats are supported.

Chroma Key
Video layers support chroma key compositing, with full green screen support, including a live preview of the alpha mask and detailed adjustment of the curve used to define the mask edges.

Voice Recording
KineMaster allows you to record audio while previewing your project, which makes it easy to add voiceover tracks to any video.

And more...
KineMaster includes many more features as well, such as voice changer filters, control of exporting frame rate, bitrate and resolution, and support for a variety of video, audio and file formats.

Download Kinemaster Pro Mod unlocked

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