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How to remove someone from a group text on Android

When you need to remove someone from your group text on Android, it can seem like a difficult task. However, there are many methods and apps that can help with this process! This article will show you different methods of removing someone from your group text, such as using the contact list on your phone or using an app to do it, in order to remove someone from a group text on Android. If you need to know how to remove someone from your group text, this article will help!

How to remove someone from a group text on Android

How to Block and Unblock Contacts on Android

This is an effective way to remove someone from group texts. To block a contact, open your Contacts app and tap on their name. Tap Block Contact at the bottom of their profile page, then confirm your choice in the pop-up window that appears. To unblock them, open your Contacts app and tap More > Settings > Privacy > Blocked Contacts and choose Unblock next to their name. You can also manage blocked contacts by tapping More > Settings > Blocked Contacts and choosing which contacts you want to unblock or block in one fell swoop.

How to Remove People from Group Texts On iPhone?

Group texts can be great—especially when it comes to staying in touch with family or close friends. But what happens when you want to remove someone from your group texts? If you have an iPhone, we’ll show you how it’s done here!

How to Remove Someone from A Group Text On An iPhone

If you’re wondering how to remove someone from a group text on android message, we’ve got good news: It’s easy. In iOS, you just have to know where to look. The steps are different depending on what version of iOS you have. Here are directions for versions 8 and below

How to get out of a group text on Android

How to get out of a group text on Android – by Lizzie Bennett How to remove someone from a group text on Android – by Lizzie Bennett

Google Pixel Phones

If you have an older Android, then deleting group texts from your group chat can be difficult. The first thing that you will need to do is to swipe left on your message thread. When it is highlighted in blue, tap delete and confirm that you want to remove them from the group chat. If you don’t have access to your messages list, then go into your inbox and delete all of your texts.

Samsung Phones

First, go into your phone’s Settings menu. Within Settings, tap on Apps. Within Apps, scroll down and tap on Messaging. Within Messaging, tap on Group Chat at the top. Now you should see all your group chats listed; tap one and then tap Leave Group in that chat’s lower-right corner. That’s it! You have successfully removed yourself from that group chat!

LG Phones

If you have an LG phone, follow these steps: Go into your Group Texts settings and select Customize. Click Membership options and select Leave group texts. Select how long you want to wait after your initial request before leaving.

Other Android Devices

If you’re on an HTC or Samsung device, open your messaging app and go to settings. Under Group Messaging, you can disable group messaging there. If you have another brand of Android phone, check with your service provider for instructions.

Apple iPhones (iOS)

iPhone users can easily leave group texts, but it’s not immediately clear how to do so. To exit a group message with iPhone, tap Details in an active group text and scroll down to leave [group]. You will be asked if you want to leave all group messages; choose leave [group] again and you will no longer receive or be able to participate in any additional group messages.


You can be removed from group texts on Android by finding and deleting your number from the group’s messaging app. You’ll still be able to communicate with other members of the group as an individual, but you won’t see any group messages in your sent folder. To do so: open your messaging app; scroll until you find group messages; swipe right until you find your name and delete it.