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Saturday, June 3

How To Exit In The Middle Of Game Mobile Legends

How To Exit In The Midle Of Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang, sometimes when we are waiting our teammates or squad online we will playing short-time mode game in mobile legends, such as brawls mode, versus ai mode, and custom game mode.

On custom mode we can exit even in the midle of game, i have try it when i was waiting my squad teammates so when they online we can immediately exit custom game mode mobile legends bang bang.

So here it is How to exit in midle of game Mobile Legends Bang Bang

  • When we are in the midle of game (lane) choose and touch gear icon

  • Then choose "leave match" button in bottom right of screen

  • Finaly choose okay to confirm leaving match

  • Thats it, we will leave match and back to lobby of Mobile Legends

There it is, tips mobile legends how to leave match in midle of game mobile legends bang bang, remember this tutorial is for custom game mode only, we cant do this on ranked game mode, match up, brawls, and also vs ai. Happy play, keep sportive, dont be afk, dont be feeder. thanks!

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